At BackCare we put backs first. Our aim is to lift the lid on better back health.

Back pain is one of the most common conditions that people live with in the UK today. The vast majority of us are likely to be affected by back pain at some point in our lives. For most it will be a short lived experience but for others back pain is ongoing and affects quality of life, making ordinary daily tasks difficult or at worst simply impossible to perform. Chronic back pain can result in depression, low self esteem, unemployment, the breakdown of relationships and more.

Here at BackCare we provide information and education to prevent unnecessary back pain from occurring in the first place. However, whilst prevention is better than cure, we also understand that not all back pain is avoidable.  A large part of our work at BackCare is to provide practical and emotional support to people living with back pain whether caused through wear and tear, injury, musculoskeletal disorders such as Scoliosis, Spina Bifida, Arthritis and Axial SpA or other serious underlying health conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, or Cancer, for example.

BackCare was the brainchild of  businessman and philanthropist, Stanley Grundy who in 1968, set about creating a charity dedicated to those living with back pain, regardless of cause and educating the public in ways of preventing back pain.

Today, some 50 years on, we remain resolute in our efforts to significantly reduce the burden of back and neck pain by working together with  people and organisations and those affected by such pain and providing information, guidance and advice to all. We are proud to have HRH The Prince of Wales as our Patron.

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