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2 02, 2020

Exercises for Back Pain


BackCare Factsheet - Exercise and Posture Exercise is commonly advised as one of the best ways to help prevent and manage most back pain.

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3 02, 2015

Back in the Gym


BackCare Factsheet - Exercise and Posture, Healthy Lifestyle When back pain strikes the general advice BackCare gives is to keep active so if you are a regular at the gym you are already on the right track.

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3 02, 2015

Driving and Back Pain


BackCare Factsheet - Exercise and Posture Approximately 30-60% of drivers report back pain that is caused or made worse by driving. This is not uncommon as driving exposes the body to many different forces including acceleration, deceleration and most notably vibration.

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3 02, 2015

Cycling and Back Pain


BackCare Factsheet - Exercise and Posture Estimates suggest that anywhere between 30-70% of us will get back pain when cycling. This pain can be caused by a variety of reasons but the good news is there are simple things you can do to ensure that you do not develop back pain or you manage your back pain and prevent it from becoming long term and debilitating.

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30 01, 2015

Exercises for Office Workers


BackCare Factsheet - Exercise and Posture The lack of activity and movement as well as the bad posture associated with sitting in front of a desk all day means our backs are under a great deal of stress. Here are some tips on what you can do while at work to reduce the impact of back pain.

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30 01, 2015

Exercise for a better back


BackCare Factsheet - Exercise and Posture These exercises should be carried out slowly and deliberately. If you have a pain when you perform any of them, limit the particular exercise movement so that you are comfortable. If you feel pain when you start any movement, then it should not be carried out.

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30 01, 2015

Physical Activity and Exercise


Most people will experience back pain at some stage in their life. Research has shown that one of the most effective methods of managing your back pain is staying active and participating in regular physical activity. Bed rest is not recommended as this will often make the pain worse.

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