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3 02, 2015

Back Facts for Employers


BackCare Factsheet - Other, Rights and Legislation Back pain is the second most common cause of absence from work in Great Britain. Every year over four million working days are lost as a result of back pain and on average an employee with back pain takes 17 days off to recover from an episode.

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3 02, 2015

Access to Work


BackCare Factsheet - Rights and Legislation Access to Work is a scheme run by the Department for Work and Pensions. If your working life is affected by a disability or a health condition that is likely to last for 12 months or more, you might be able to get help from Access to Work.

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3 02, 2015

How can your GP Help?


BackCare Factsheet - Rights and Legislation Many people turn to their GP or healthcare provider for reliable information about their health status. If you feel uncertain about what you can and cannot do at work as a result of your back pain it is recommended that you visit your GP or Occupational Health professional.

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3 02, 2015

NICE NHS Treatment Guidelines


BackCare Factsheet - Rights and Legislation NICE released guidelines about the care and treatment that people with persistent non-specific low back pain can expect from the NHS in England and Wales in order to help them manage their pain.

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30 01, 2015

Clinical Negligence


BackCare Factsheet - Rights and Legislation A clinical negligence claim may be brought against any health care provider when ...

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30 01, 2015

Accident and Insurance Claims


A claim for damages can be brought when chronic back pain can be shown to arise from road accidents or accidents at work.

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30 01, 2015

DWP and Access to Work


BackCare Factsheet - Rights and Legislation Access to Work (AtW) is a service offered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

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30 01, 2015

Disability/Equality Rights


BackCare Factsheet - Rights and Legislation The Equality and Human Rights Commission replaced the Disability Rights Commission (DRC) in 2007 and is ...

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30 01, 2015

Patient Rights


BackCare Factsheet - Rights and Legislation People who are resident in the UK have rights relating to access to a GP.

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