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Discs are the supple pads between each of the bones that make up the spinal column.

31 01, 2015

Commonly Used Medical Spinal Terminology


BackCare Factsheet - Treatments The evolution of medicine and medical terms dates back before Hippocrates, commonly regarded as the father of medicine, who died in 399 BC. Therefore medical language consists of a mixture of Greek, Latin, Arabic and European languages.

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30 01, 2015

Dynamic Stabilisation Systems


Dynamic stabilisation devices are internal braces that allow controlled movement of the affected segment of the spine.

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30 01, 2015

Spinal Implants


lnterspinous process spacers are implants used to separate the spinous processes in the back to give nerves more room, easing compression and consequently relieving pain.

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30 01, 2015

What to Expect After Spinal Surgery


Your recovery from surgery will depend on the procedure you have had. There is a huge range of operations that can be done on the spine ranging from a minimally invasive microdiscectomy through to a large spinal deformity correction.

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30 01, 2015

What To Do When Pain Strikes


If back pain suddenly gets a lot worse or 'appears out of the blue' the intensity of the experience can make it hard to work out what to do. First things to try include:

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When we are tense the body cannot repair itself, the body makes less natural painkillers and we tire more quickly

30 01, 2015

Medical Acupuncture


'Medical Acupuncture' refers to the use of acupuncture needling as a therapeutic technique following an orthodox diagnosis. This is not the same approach as traditional Chinese acupuncture.

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