Branch Chairman:   Louise Gilbert

Contact:                     Barbara White, Branch Contact
Tel:                              01722 333925

Website:       n/a


Salisbury Branch of Backcare is a branch of some 80 members that has been in existence since 1986 and is run by volunteers. The aim of the Branch is to offer support to back pain sufferers in the surrounding area, mainly in the form of Hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy Sessions

Exercises are designed for back pain sufferers, but those with some joint or muscular problems may also benefit.

Supervised by a Chartered Physiotherapist in the hydrotherapy pool at the Spinal Treatment Centre, Salisbury District Hospital.

There is an annual Membership Fee and a Session Fee payable on arrival each time you attend. Booking in advance is not required unless any restrictions are in place.

Sessions are held on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday at 6pm, for 45 minutes.

The water in the pool is warm and the ambience is sociable.

For full details and Membership Application
Contact: Barbara White on 01722 333925
or email