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27 9, 2021

Long Covid: is it making chronic back pain worse?

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With Covid-19 likely to linger for some time yet, Prof. Frances Williams from King’s College London and her team, explain how the pandemic has affected rates of low back pain and discuss whether patients with long Covid may be more susceptible to chronic low back pain.

06 5, 2021

Do cannabis medicines have a role in treating back and spinal pain?

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Now legalised and increasingly available, cannabis medicines may offer pain management alternatives for those who are struggling with long-term back and spinal pain. Senior consultant in pain medicine, DR ANTHONY ORDMAN, discusses recent developments and the changing regulatory environment.

06 5, 2021

Preserving wellbeing for the chronically ill

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Chronic pain populations can be disproportionately impacted by public health restrictions during a pandemic. Consequently, it is important to maintain access to essential non-urgent support services during periods of lockdown in order to preserve wellbeing in this population, a new study recommends.

28 2, 2021

Beds Beds

BackCare Factsheet – Aids and Equipment
Hard mattresses are not necessarily the best for bad backs.

06 12, 2020

Empowering osteoporosis patients and reducing fractures

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University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust was a winner in this year’s British Society for Rheumatology Best Practice Awards, achieving recognition for an innovative project to help empower osteoporosis patients and drive down the number of hip and spine fractures.

21 9, 2020

Assessing the key reasons for chronic back pain

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Nurses have long been seen as vulnerable to developing back pain. In fact, in 1995 the prevalence in nurses of back pain was 14.7% compared with 11.5% in age-matched controls, according to the study Epidemiological aspects of back pain.