Stuart Blackman behind desk standing

Active Working is not new. Winston Churchill stood at his desk.

Active Working involves simple solutions to encourage standing and movement whilst at work.

A Sit-Stand (height adjustable) work station is an excellent solution. It will enable you to simply alternate between sitting and standing as you feel appropriate. We propose mixing it up. Try to stand intermittently at your Sit-Stand desk for periods of between 15 mins and two hours at a time. Take breaks, walk around and mix it up every day.

Active Working Tips:
  1. Keep moving around. Take frequent breaks
  2. Take phone calls standing up, this also boosts confidence and voice quality
  3. Try removing tables and chairs from meeting rooms. This leads to shorter meetings
  4. Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  5. Walk to a colleague’s desk, instead of emailing
  6. Stand during presentations or speeches

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