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Get Online Week takes place this year from 12-18 October and aims to show tens of thousands of people how being online can benefit their lives in a variety of ways – not least their health. There are currently 10.5 million adults in the UK without core digital skills and 6.5 million have never been online. Research shows that these people tend to be older, less well off, and more likely to have a disability. Providing digital health training helps people with long-term conditions to better manage their health and avoid preventable deteriorations, leading to a reduction in unnecessary GP visits and hospital admissions. Helping people to access useful health information online allows them to quickly identify the most appropriate medical help, again leading to a reduction in inappropriate demand for healthcare services.

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The HealthyBack™ App is a mobile friendly web based app, offering clinically endorsed back pain information. The app answers the questions that everyone has with the onset of back pain, eases worries and anxiety about the pain, and offers the initial help and advice that everyone needs to help them get back active. The HealthyBack App is the first step in your back pain recovery.

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