We set out to achieve broadcast coverage across the UK for BackCare UK in-line with Back Care Awareness Week 2016. Our brief was to place Dr Brian Hammond at the centre of a series of leading Regional and National radio interviews,
discussing how BackCare UK hopes to raise awareness of the reality of back pain in young carers and the various steps that can be taken to prevent it.

All of the interviews were to be guided by a cue sheet, to ensure all of BackCare UK’s key messages were included and listeners were directed to www.backcare.org where they could find out more information.

We aimed to reach a minimum of 4,000,000 listeners across a range of National and Regional outlets and for the messages to presented in a direct but editorial fashion, with plenty of stats, facts and calls-to-action.

Listen to our radio interview highlights and podcast or read our RADIO CAMPAIGN – COVERAGE OVERVIEW


Interview Highlights


Interview Podcast