BackCare Lothian branch – one of more than a dozen member-lead BackCare local support groups – is facing the closure of it’s three local hydrotherapy pools.

Branch secretary, Jean Houston explained how the Lothian branch provides unique access to long-term hydrotherapy, “Currently, NHS patients can only receive 6 weeks of hydrotherapy.  If they wish more, they have to return to their GP for a new referral and then wait for a reassessment, which may mean months before they can have more treatment.  There is no provision for ongoing hydrotherapy.  This is where we come in.  For an annual branch membership of £10 and a monthly fee of £20 our members can have weekly sessions of hydrotherapy throughout the year with a lifeguard and physiotherapist present.”

Hydrotherapy is a key activity undertaken by branch members, who are now campaigning against the proposed closures. Show your support by signing their online petition: click for e-petition