For all round mind and body health Pilates can’t be beaten.    Pilates puts you in control of your body which can so often be lost through injury, pain and poor movement habits.  I believe that it is more than exercise, it is a movement therapy and through the following principles you can realise real change in your body, alleviating even eliminating pain.


Through concentration and focus on precise movements we can bring about general improvement in movement and increase overall body awareness.



As body awareness grows, we can recognise tension and focus on relaxation.   This is the first step which allows over-dominant muscles to release and new movement patterns can be learnt.  For many back pain sufferers simply learning effective tension release techniques can make a huge difference to their wellbeing.



Our breath is central to our being, vital for relaxation, focus and concentration.  Through Pilates we can master our breathing and improve our efficiency in movement.



Alignment of joints and muscles at beginning of and through the movements of each exercise ensures good recruitment patterns.  This allows change in the body to take place.



In Pilates we look for support and control through the recruitment of deep muscles that help control and stabilise the body.  Effective support from the centre or ‘core’ helps prevent injury to the spine and other joints.



This principle brings the mind and body to work in harmony, teaching control, mobility and strength.


Flow in movement

Efficient yet fluid movement is the aim of Pilates exercises.  Moving the spine and joints through a full range of movement in a dynamic manner helps improve movement patterns and produces long lean muscles.



Pilates is about quality not quantity, yet as we master exercises we can add challenging levels to test endurance and stamina.


Regular practice of Body Control Pilates exercises around these principles will teach you good alignment , improve posture and develop improved movement patterns.    The basic exercises are simple to learn and require no special equipment .  People  can see or feel a difference in their body after only the first or second session.     At my practice I aim to teach Pilates exercises which suit the individual’s lifestyle and that can be incorporated into everyday life.


For more information on classes, one to one sessions and home practice exercise plans contact Stephanie on 01858 545 127 or email Stephanie@eqpilates.co.uk .    www.eqpilates.co.uk