Biological Biosimilar Medicines Survey Information Sheet – By 

The NHS is currently looking to the future to see how it can best deliver services that are safe and of high quality. Any change to services must incorporate new advances in medicine; take account of budgetary restraints whilst still providing services that meet patients’ needs.

Part of this process will be to review costs of treatment and compare with alternatives that may provide the same effect at a lesser cost. However, it is important that any changes to treatment are discussed with patients and the benefits and disadvantages clearly considered.

Medications are one of the areas where changes may be made to provide the same level of treatment but at a reduced cost. For instance when you go to the chemist for over the counter medication you will have a variety of options with a variety of costs for the same treatment. NHS England has outlined some Good Practice Principles to ensure that any changes in patient medication will be communicated and managed correctly.

The Patients Association wants reassurance that these good practice guidelines are being adhered to and that patients are well informed. Also, that they are fully involved in shared decision-making about the best treatment for a specific condition. This is essential for all patients affected by the recent NHS England decision to promote biosimilar in place of Biological medicines.

Therefore, they want to obtain patient feedback on any experience, understanding and knowledge of biosimilar medicines and the changes planned in the NHS to ascertain whether the good practice principles are being adhered to and that patients are well supported.

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