The long-awaited, 7th edition of HOP will be published at the beginning of December this year and replace HOP6 which has been successfully in circulation for some 10 years now.

HOP7 will deliver the best information in manual handling and incorporate additional elements relating to the safe handling of people within a global pandemic.  The cost of HOP7 will be £59.95 plus postage.  We are frequently asked about access to the visuals in the book and as a result we have produced all illustrations in vector format which will allow them to be increased in size without compromising quality.  All illustrations will also be available in both RGB and CYMK options that will enable use in both printed and digital formats.  These illustrations will be available through an annual subscription based offering at £59.95 plus VAT for a single-user licence.

However, for prepaid orders we are offering a discount on both the book and the illustration licence.  The book can be purchased before publication at £55 plus postage and a single-user illustration licence will cost £55 plus VAT.  For organisations wanting to purchase these together,  there will be a combined price of £100 plus postage for the HOP7 printed book and £10 VAT for the additional illustration licence.  Anyone wishing to purchase additional copies of the licence agreement, will be able to do this at £50 plus VAT when purchased at the same time.  For those organisations wishing to place orders for multiple copies of HOP7 and / or illustration licences please contact me directly to discuss details.

BackCare is a charity and the work we do in helping people spans both prevention and relief of back pain and is funded through donations alone.  As such, we provide education, information and advice and reach out to healthcare professionals, carers and those living with back pain whether through wear and tear, injury, musculoskeletal disorders such as Axial SpA, Spina Bifida and Scoliosis or other underlying health conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease or Cancer, for example.  We are always conscious of preserving our valuable funds and, whilst we charge for HOP7, we have considerable production costs associated with it to ensure we include the best information to make it the gold standard in manual handling.  We would therefore request that you help us by indicating whether you would like a copy or copies of HOP7 at publication date in September in order that we can ascertain how many we need to print for these initial deliveries.  Whilst we do maintain stock, we try not to have excessive amounts as we do not want to tie up our funds needlessly when we could be using them to help even more people who are living with back pain.

If you do wish to pre-order, please could you provide invoicing details of your organisation, including business name, legal entity, trading address and a contact name in your organisation along with their email address and telephone number in case of queries. Please could you also list the number of copies of the book and single-user illustration licences that are required.

If you would like to pre-order HOP7 or have any queries please do not hesitate to contact