Jason Oshinowo

Jason Oshinowo from VitaPhysical with a patient

BackCare was very impressed with this help and information from Carers Trust on how GPs can help and support Carers.  Whilst it is aimed at GP practices, much of what it says is also applicable to our Professional Members.  You may be an Osteopath, Acupuncturist, Pilates teacher or Physio therapist.

Carers Trust offers top tips for identifying carers, many of whom do not think of themselves as carers, rather they “look after someone” .  The templates on this link can be adapted to suit your needs

Top tips in carer identification: What do carer-friendly practices do to find out which of their patients are carers?

  • They ask patients if they ‘look after someone’ instead of asking them if they are a carer because they know carers don’t always identify with the label.
  • They know which services are available to carers in their locality and use examples to encourage carers to self-identify.
  • They know that posters and leaflets are not enough on their own to encourage carers to self-identify; that staff need to talk to carers as well.
  • They have a carers notice board, but instead of calling it a carers notice board they fix a banner above it saying “If you look after someone, this is for you.”
  • They always have leaflets on display for carers at flu clinics and encourage staff to give them out to people accompanying patients to the clinic.

You can see the link  here