University of Warwick latest study on “Global burden of low back pain” 2018

“The gap between best evidence and practice in low back pain must be reduced. We need to redirect funding away from ineffective or harmful tests and treatments and towards approaches that promote physical activity and function. We also need to intensify further research of promising new approaches such as redesigning patient pathways of care and interventions that support people to function and stay at work.”

“There are examples of promising new solutions around the world but they need to be more rigorously researched to work out if they should be implemented.” –Professor Nadine Foster, Keele University — lead author of one of the papers

“Our current treatment approaches are failing to reduce the burden of back pain disability; we need to change the way we approach back pain treatment in the UK and help low and middle income countries to avoid developing high cost services of limited effectiveness.” –Professor Martin Underwood, University of Warwick — co-author on the paper

Read the full article at ScienceDaily, 21 March 2018