Doctor and technician with patient doing CAT scan

BackCare practitioners are professional members of the charity who are involved in the treatment, management and/or prevention of back pain.

There are many recognised and evidenced approaches to back pain. As an interdisciplinary organisation, our practitioners make up a diverse group representing more than a dozen different a disciplines including physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncturists and Alexander technique teachers.

Find your local BackCare practitioner

You can use the ‘Find a Practitioner‘ function to find BackCare practitioners in your area, knowing that they are active supporters of the charity as well as being registered by their own disciplinary organisation.

Irene Phillips Theraflex

Irene Phillips using Theraflex

Do you treat or work with back pain?

If you are a therapist or clinician or otherwise work with back pain patients, why not join us as a BackCare Professional member.