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12 12, 2018

More people experiencing regular back and neck pain

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More people in the UK are experiencing back or neck pain each week than they were five years ago, according to new research from the British Chiropractic Association (BCA).

25 9, 2018

Women more stoic than men when it comes to back pain

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Women could be neglecting their back or neck health, clinicians are warning, as new research shows they take twice as long – six weeks on average – to seek help for their pain, while men take just three.

04 6, 2018

Don’t let back pain drive you to distraction

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The sunny weather has arrived and we can expect plenty of opportunities to load up the car and head out for some fun weekend breaks. Unfortunately, others may have the same idea! This can often mean uncomfortable delays in queues which can be torture for those with back pain. The British Chiropractic Association has issued a series of car travel tips to help keep pain to a minimum during your journey.

07 3, 2018

Stop hurting and start enjoying your gym sessions

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None of us intend to injure ourselves when we train – but it seems all too common. So, what can we do to help avoid it? Dai Richards, Alexander Technique teacher and gym enthusiast, shares a few thoughts.